Marketing by Ferns

Topic by secretiveslave, marketing by Ferns… (see what you are missing out on by not following me on twitter? I am full of teh internet wins!)…

* In case you aren’t aware, you have to read the dialogue from the bottom upwards…

The resulting outline:

*laugh* Brilliant!

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Mmmmm… odaxelagnia

Odaxelagnia: the paraphilia involving sexual attraction to biting or being bitten.

Biting is one of my favourites, it is impossibly intimate and can range from gently pleasant to terribly painful… yummy! I did not know there was a term for it!

Sadly the reference to odaxelagnia was removed from Wikipedia with the concern that it is a “Non-notable fetish”.

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Bedtime story

We are on the phone. It is late. He is tired.

“Go and brush your teeth, get into bed, and I will read you a bedtime story…”

He thinks I am joking. I’m not. After a few minutes, he is still talking to me… I interrupt him.

“Teeth, bed! Go on!”

He laughs softly with surprise, “Yes Ma’am!” and scrambles off to do just that. I hear him shuffling and moving about.

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