The path

I wrote this on a discussion board recently:

Wilful disobedience is a signal that something is wrong, and if you don’t understand and fix the underlying problem, it’s a fast path to nowhere.

My boy has been wilfully disobedient recently. It *is* a signal that something is wrong, I *do* understand what the problem is, but I can’t fix it. *We* can’t fix it, even though we both want to. We are on a path to nowhere, not a fast path, but a determined one, a slogging, ponderous, soul-heavy path.

Sometimes, as much as I wish I could make everything … Continue Reading

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e[lust] #11

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Sometimes poly IS hardThe difficulties one faces in managing healthy interpersonal relationships, and the skills one employs in overcoming those difficulties, are the same whether you Continue Reading

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Boots, glorious boots…

Really, do I need to say anything about these?!

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Flesh on flesh, I am shoving at him, keeping my body off his cock (my cock), no contact there, but otherwise I am all over him with limbs everywhere, skin slipping against him, my mouth open and demanding, feeding off him with the violence of need. He is splayed open on the bed and I am pushing and smashing against him, he is desperate to do what I want, aroused and hungry and confused.

I want his arse, my fingers, my knuckles pushing against the sensitive skin, thrusting against him, grabbing roughly at his balls, he tries to open himself … Continue Reading

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