Coming home 2

…continued from Coming home 1

She finally took her foot from his mouth, stood up, hiked up her skirt and straddled him, whumping down onto his chest so his breath left his body in a huff, her bare arse in her g-string against his chest. He drew gasping breaths as she pulled his arms down, and trapped them against his body with her knees and legs on either side of him. She shimmied up towards his face and pulled his head up by his hair so that he was facing her crotch.

“Is this what you want, boy?” she asked as she widened her legs and inched a little closer to his face.

His eyes on her, he tried to nod.

“Yes, Ma’am, please, please,” He strained to get to her with his mouth, but she was well out of reach.

“Well what are you waiting for?” she asked disingenuously, knowing he couldn’t reach her, watching him crane his neck, trying regardless.

“You want to taste me, boy?”

“Please Ma’am, yes, please, please let me taste you, I’m begging you please let me lick you, please…”

While he watched from inches away, she brought her fingers to her crotch and scratched gently at the fabric covering her pussy, pushing the material against her wetness. She slipped her fingers inside her panties, and slid them along the slickness, from her clit, where she lingered for long enough to feel her muscles tense involuntarily, down to slide easily into her, making her fingers wet.

She drew her fingers out of her panties and offered them to his mouth, knowing he could smell her, watching his tongue desperately trying to reach her fingers.

“Do you want it, to taste me?” she asked again.

He moaned in desperation. “Please Ma’am, please yes yes please let me taste you.”

She put her wet, slick fingers on his lips and slid them into his mouth. He sucked on them greedily, moaning as he tasted her. She fucked his mouth gently with her fingers, his tongue licking madly at them, trying to get it all. She leaned forward to watch him closely as she fucked his mouth a little harder, sliding her fingers over his tongue, further into his mouth. He opened his mouth wider to accommodate her and sucked hard at her fingers, his low moans hitting her like a sledgehammer.

Her fingers slid into the back of his throat, surely all her juices gone now, but still he sucked on them greedily. They hit the back of his throat and she felt his throat close as he gagged, and his body convulsed. She forced her fingers back there again, his gag reflex more sensitive now, and he choked and gagged, trying to get away from her fingers. She slid them in and out again, shallower, fucking his mouth, feeling his tongue on them, then shoved back deep into his throat again, closely watching his face go red, tears welling in his eyes as he gagged. She kept her fingers deep in his throat, giving him no relief as he tried to pull away, gagging, struggling, choking. His tears running freely down the sides of his face made her pussy throb.

She pulled her fingers out of his mouth and he struggled to catch his breath. She shimmied down his body a little so that she could lean down and kiss him softly, nudging his lips open with hers, letting her tongue taste his violated mouth as he tried to catch his breath. She licked his tears, salty on his skin, and the tenderness she felt almost broke her heart.

Standing suddenly, she turned and walked towards the bedroom, shedding her clothes as she went. Jacket, shirt, bra dropped to the floor. She knew he would pick them up as he followed her. She undid her skirt and stepped out of it, leaving it on the floor also.

She didn’t look behind her, but could picture him crawling quickly after her, picking up her clothes, watching her retreating arse. She waited there in the bedroom for him to reach her.

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  1. David: Thank you – I’m happy to see someone trawling through the older posts. Just as well you came to the party late – that gives you months of writing to keep you going for a while…


  2. Every post i read makes me create such a scene in my mind. i'm toying with the idea of using a speech synthesis program to make audio files of each post so i can listen to them at work lol. i really love how She teases the boy with her taste and gags him with it. Awesome!

  3. Secretive Slave: “i'm toying with the idea of using a speech synthesis program to make audio files of each post so i can listen to them at work…”

    Funnily enough, I have been toying with doing an audio entry on the blog myself… what do you think?


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