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If you are on Blogger, you already know that Google (who owns Blogger) is deleting blogs with adult affiliate links or ads – they sent out an email to users about it.

In the last few days, friends on Twitter have been reporting that is also deleting sex blogs. Not for affiliate links or ads, but for violating their Terms of Service which prohibits ‘pornographic content’ (as it has since 2009). There is no definition of what ‘pornographic content’ is, so all sex blogs are under threat. users are not getting any warning at all. No email, no notification, nothing. One day the blog is there. The next day it’s gone.

So if you are using either of those platforms for sex blogging, please take a backup or export of your content right NOW and start looking at self hosting options.

If you want to read more about it, other bloggers have written about it in more detail:

For the record, I’m already self hosted, so not only am I not not going anywhere, I can be as pornographic as I want.

Edited to add: As Naga di Kandang linked to below (thank you!), has these guidelines for adult content: Some users whose blogs have been removed do think that they have complied with those conditions, so apparently there is some grey there in interpretation (that is, don’t think your content is safe. They are removing first without warning, and putting the onus on you to try and do something about it after the fact).

If the blog is removed from public view (see an example of what that looks like here Submissive in Seattle <= still clickable for the moment), access to the dashboard is still available, so an export of content after suspension is still possible. There is apparently a link that appears in the Dashboard for users to appeal the decision, however be aware of this in their TOS:

“If a blog has been suspended for violating our terms, its domain/URL and content will not be returned.”

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