The proposition

“I have a proposition for you…”

He looks at me curiously, tilts his head… “Oookkk?”

I smile, “I’m thinking that I’d like to do some rope bondage with you.”

He looks away from me, bondage is one of his kinks, he is a complete newbie, has no experience. He is suddenly shy, awkward, he smiles nervously, starts to say something.

I interrupt him, “Don’t answer now, I want you to have a think about it.”… Continue Reading

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It is a small group. There is only one unattached Domme there. There is only one single, non-dominant male there, a newbie, maybe not submissive, maybe a fetishist, maybe maybe…

It is inevitable, really, that they would be eyeing each other up…

“Anyone want a drink?” she gets up, looking around the table.

“I’ll come with you…” He pops out of his seat. She smiles at him.

“Me too”, pipes up someone else. She glances … Continue Reading

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