Reader Q&A: BDSM ‘feels less kinky’, and humiliation

I think to myself “I haven’t got enough questions for a Q&A post yet”, then when I think I have, I take a look and go “WTF?! THERE ARE SO MANY!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!”

Despite my tardiness in responding, I really DO like getting questions/comments/thoughts in my inbox a lot. Please don’t think I’m all “Bah, who cares?” about it. I’m not. I appreciate hearing from you, truly!

So, into the fray!


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Sent emails XLII – On audio porn

Subject: Oh. My. God.

Holy fuck that was hot. Wow.

I love that you said my name, I love that you begged a little, I love that you delayed (‘not yet, not yet’). So sexy, all of it.

I should have recorded my reaction.


Thank you.


I want more. I always want more. Greedy.

Send me your moans, your breathy whispers, your desperation, your sounds of pleasure: Details here.… Continue Reading

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