Next time

I like it when you falter, are made shy and unsure.

Not by me, really, though there is that.

It comes from you: That voice in your head that tells you to stop it, to not say that, to not do that, to not THINK that, but something in you urges you to say, do, think it anyway.

I watch your conflict like a predator watching prey, keenly, intently. It makes me want to lean … Continue Reading

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Defensiveness and trust

There is a line between defensiveness and trust that oddly often feels ugly to me.

I don’t expect a stranger to trust me. That’s ludicrous. But I expect a potential partner to come to me with an open heart and willingness to speak to me without the expectation that I want to do him harm in some way.

I have spoken to some men who are constantly defensive about me ‘taking too much’ or ‘crossing … Continue Reading

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