He followed her home #amwriting

CopyrightSnippet from fiction WIP by Sharyn Ferns

Yesterday I woke up with an F/m fiction story almost fully formed in my mind.

This has never happened. NEVER.

I don’t write fiction, I just don’t get story ideas like that, and long form isn’t my strength. When I’ve tried to force it (and I have tried), the result feels contrived, flat. I’m reluctant to say ‘I’m not good at it’ for fear of jinxing what I’m writing now, but I have thought that for a long time (and I’ve absolutely said it out loud before).

But I wrote some 20 pages of it yesterday, madly putting down what … [...Read More]

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“I can beat you”

I take him by surprise, from sweetness to sprung energy, I grab him by the throat and shove him backwards, fast, sudden. He almost loses his balance, his eyes widen, he thuds into the wall just as he starts to flail.

I wonder if he will fight me. I want to see it. I watch the flash of defiance, maybe even anger: The injustice, the patronising cuntery of it.

“You know I can beat you,” he whispers, even as I hold him by the throat against the wall.

I take a millisecond to parse the sentence. Beat or BEAT. Doesn’t … [...Read More]

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Femdom novella: Your opinion wanted

I’ve really been wanting to write more, and one of my ideas is a semi-autobiographical little femdom novella.

Semi-autobiographical because I have no imagination.

Little because long form narratives really aren’t my strength.

Femdom because ‘duh’.

I have settled on fleshing out a relationship from my younger days.

As a newbie dominant, I dated a beautiful younger submissive man who was a steel artist. He used to create his art in a kind of foundry with huge machines that would heat and shape steel, and men with hammers would pound away at them in a fug of noise and sweat. … [...Read More]

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NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics is also doing a post for our NaBloWriMo project, though he’s hiding some of them on Twitter so if you aren’t following him, you should… ]


She felt feral when she was around him, reduced to some base animal that had to have him. She circled around him; wary, watching, distracted by others, curt nods soon sending them away. He knew she was there, of course he knew. But he never looked directly at her. Even hunters can be easily spooked.

Instead, he casually engaged with others, made chat, laughed appropriately at jokes, nodded with interest … [...Read More]

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Oh baby

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics is also doing a post for our NaBloWriMo project, though he’s hiding some of them on Twitter so if you aren’t following him, you should… ]


“Oh baby,” she whispered.

He opened his eyes slowly, lazy eyelashes fluttering as if they were weighted, as if it took all of his strength to manoeuvre them open. He managed a moment’s connection, catching her gaze briefly before they closed again.

“Hmmm?” It wasn’t a question, not really.

“Oh… baby,” she whispered again, her breath hot against his ear, all the desperate need for him floating in the air, … [...Read More]

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The trainer

NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics is also doing a post for our NaBloWriMo project]


Her breath was coming in desperate gasps, she wasn’t able to get enough oxygen into her lungs.

She doubled over for a moment to rest, sucking at the air.

“Nearly there, ten more,” he said.

She glanced up at him with a look of exhausted hatred. He tried to look encouraging, but it came off as a smirk, he shrugged.

She dropped back down into a crouch, her legs kicking out behind her as she moved into a plank, she lowered her body onto the floor, lifted her … [...Read More]

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NaBloWriMo[SubmissiveGuyComics also did a post on ‘home’ for our NaBloWriMo project]


“When are you coming home?” she asked.

The question that used to be a sweetness between them hung in the air for a second before it dissipated into the empty room. She followed it with an ugly laugh that was much too loud.

She took another drink.… [...Read More]

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