Why sex blogging is bad for my love life

Prior to my blog existing, I had 100% success rate with meeting submissive men and having the meeting lead to a relationship. Since having the blog, becoming single, and with the blog linked from my profiles everywhere, my success rate is down to zero (keep in mind that I meet *very* few men, I really only meet those who I believe have real potential). Essentially, since having the blog, my ‘foolproof’ method is no longer working.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my blog was cock blocking me (though ‘cock blocking’ is not quite the right word here…). I’ve written … Continue Reading

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Dating… ugh

I can’t remember the last time I went on a normal ‘date’.

You know what I mean: A ‘hey let’s go out and see if there’s anything here’ kind of date, all casual-like and low risk.

My last two dates have been ‘hey, let’s spend lots of money, organise some international flights, find some accommodation, travel for 20+ hours, spend several weeks together and see if there’s anything here’ kind of dates.

No pressure, right?

So I have a date of the first type this week (I know! Call the news channels!!).

Since I’ve gone from 100% success rate (and … Continue Reading

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I want to post something brimming with enthusiasm and excitement, but I am so very aware of how my last meeting turned out that I am hesitant to bring you along just in case there is disappointment coming.

On the other hand… if I must suffer, then SO MUST YOU, so here goes!!! *laugh*

Bambi arrives tomorrow!! I AM SO EXCITED!


He is at the airport getting ready to board his plane as I write this. We are in chat just kind of fidgeting at each other.

bambi: bonk bonk bonk
I’m bouncing!
I want the plane to … Continue Reading

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