Kissing date? What kissing date?


So holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes pulled out of the kissing date.

It was supposed to be tomorrow night. Yesterday we were finalising plans. Today he told me that a woman he had been on a few dates with had expressed serious interest in him this morning, and he was equally interested in her. Given that had arisen, he didn’t think it would be right to go ahead with the kissing date.

Understandably, relationship-potential trumps stranger-kissing.

He offered a chaste meal-and-conversation date instead: I declined. I mentioned before that we aren’t a match and one of the reasons for the ‘no talking’ … Continue Reading

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Kissing date

Kissing date: A date designed with the sole objective of kissing.

This is a completely different thing from a traditional date where the objective is ‘getting to know you’ or ‘doing something together’ or ‘sharing a meal’ or a combination of any of those things, where there *might* be some kissing at some stage if all goes well.

A kissing date is JUST FOR KISSING. I’m liking this idea for a whole bunch of reasons. Not least of which is: kissing!

With most dates, there is an initial attraction that made you want to go on the date, but … Continue Reading

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Holy fuck beautiful eyes

I’ve taken to calling him ‘holy-fuck-beautiful-eyes’ (in honour of the fabulously articulate email I sent him on a whim), which is the worst nickname EVER but it makes me smile every time I use it.

He’s not a match for me (he agrees with this), and I am unlikely to meet him (I’ve told him this), and yet, there is that elusive ‘something’ there that draws me in and I love it and I hate it.

He’s local, a little younger than me, a singer, a writer, a film maker, a hippy environmentalist with longish curly hair and holy fuck, … Continue Reading

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On being difficult

In my personal ad, I describe myself as “difficult’ (among other things). This is not a cute way of pretending I am some badass bitch. I’m not.

But boy, am I particular.

And in the context of getting to know someone, there seems to be a very narrow set of things that ‘work’ for me.

There are some things that hit me just right, that make me laugh out loud, that make me do a double take, that intrigue me, that fire me up, that inspire me, that attract my interest. I don’t really know how to explain what … Continue Reading

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My sent emails XXXIX – OKCupid version

The OKCupid version (yes, I joined a vanilla dating site: more on this later!).

These are random emails I have sent out to men whose profiles I liked (as opposed to replies to emails that landed in my inbox).

To be clear, the first three were not potential matches: I just like to send out compliments to people when I see something interesting. It’s fun to say sweet things to people. It’s also stress free and you just never know what sort of conversations you might strike up out of a random compliment thrown into the void.


To local Continue Reading

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Personal ad outcome

Thanks to my personal ad, I have found the most fabulously amazing submissive man who fits me just right, and we are going to live happily ever after!!!



Okay, not really.

Here’s the results, in interpretive dance…

*does weird flaily dancey thing, fast-slow-happy-sad-flowy-jerky-awkward, ends up curled in the corner rocking back and forth…*

Oh, and here it is in graph-porn form:

Personal ad result

And finishing in song:

“Seems to me like I’m just scared of never feeling it again… but I’ve got high hopes…”

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Dommes get rejected too

This is not a ‘poor me’ post, just a ‘hey, it goes both ways you know!’ post.

I know that the impression is pretty much always that a Domme puts an ad out and then weeds out those who don’t suit her.

But don’t forget that it goes both ways.

Anyone who approaches me (or who I approach for that matter) has the equal ability and right and responsibility to reject me at any time if they think we aren’t a match.

Do you think it doesn’t happen? You’d be wrong.

*gasp horror vapours*

Of course it does.

It’s disappointing … Continue Reading

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