Let the sunshine in

Plans over Christmas are always full of family. This year is no different.

Even though we have only a very small family, everyone lives in different places so everyone travels. This person flying in that day, this other person driving here then, those people going there, then this person coming also on that other day and etc.

Even just looking at the schedule is exhausting.


I have post-Christmas plane tickets in my grubby little …

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Post weekend date

I talked about our really lovely weekend date: I was keen to make it clear how well it went so you could better understand what followed.

So what happened next?

He wrote me an incredibly sweet and flattering thank you note the day after he got home.

“…there is a whole dimension between the conceptualised and the actual of someone but I only found reality better than I had thought. You are smart, funny,

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Weekend date

I was right about him.

I was right to contact him in the first place. I was right to listen when he addressed my concerns about his situation. I was right to invite him to visit.

He is completely lovely.

I picked him up from the airport Friday night, his face lit up when he recognised me from my photos which is always a lovely thing (it is such a difficult thing for me, …

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A date, a sexy sexy* date

Y’all know how rare it is for me to have a date, so, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal.

I contacted him on a BDSM dating site about 6 weeks ago. His profile was scant, no photo, but for some reason I still liked it and sent him a cute note. He replied with enthusiastic sweetness.

There are a couple of things about him that fall outside what I would normally go for, but he …

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General stuff and nonsense

I thought I’d post an update on what’s been going on with me. Mundane superficial updates totally count as quality blog posts, right? Of course they do!

Let’s see…

  • I’ve researched new web hosting for my website since my current host doesn’t offer any SSL in their smaller plans. Google is going to start penalising ‘not secure’ sites in searches and such so it’s a bit of a necessity. So I’ll be moving home soon.
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So… ghosting is an acceptable thing now

ghost·ing \ ˈgō-stiŋ \

2. the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

It’s been a thing for a long time, the origins of the term date back to 2006, and it was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in February this year.

What has changed, and what I’m seeing more of lately, is people strenuously defending ghosting as a perfectly valid …

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Harsh? Who me?

I don’t think of myself as harsh or rude or any of those things.

Honest, yes (but not the ‘I’m just being honest’ type of brutality that people use to justify being an arsehole).

Forthright, you bet.

Sometimes impatient, sure.

Easily irritated (with strangers at least), yep.

But harsh? I tend(ed) to think not.

I had an exchange on a BDSM dating site the other day that both made me laugh and made me wonder …

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