Men who submit: A new project

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing another project similar to this one that I did a couple of years ago:

Submissive men: A celebration of beauty

I really wasn’t sure what form it would take, but I *really* love the idea of providing an opportunity for submissive men and their partners to celebrate who they are in whatever way makes them feel good about themselves.

So I’m going to try an experiment, and we’ll see how it pans out.

I’d like to use my tumblr as a place for submissive men to express themselves, whether it’s with a photograph, a short piece of writing, a quote, a poem. Share something of yourself, show something, say something, let’s hear some awesome submissive men’s voices, see some fabulous submissive men’s images.

I’m calling it the “Men who submit” project.


  • Submissions must be original (for example, I’m not interested in just reblogging an image or writing that you have found on the internet: I want to see YOU in whatever you send me).
  • Photographs: Of you or part of you (full-person shots are most welcome, but for anonymity; a hand, an eye, your mouth, a part of your body, your arse, even cock shots are fine). Of interaction with your partner/s, of play, of your favourite place/toy/rope/whatever. The photo doesn’t have to be directly BDSM-related: sometimes a photo of something random can elicit those feelings, so be as creative as you like. Include a little explanation of what the photo is and what it means to you.
    If you are stuck for ideas, check the photo suggestions I made for my last project (though please note that I was asking for nudes then, and for this project, nudity is not necessary).
  • Writing:  Any form of thoughtful writing about you that makes you happy is most welcome. Please keep it relatively short (under 500 words), if it’s just a sentence or two, that’s fine too.
    I’d love to hear personal stories about anything you would like to share publicly: how you discovered your D/s side, how you met your partner, your first experience with BDSM, your favourite play, how D/s makes you feel, what submission means to you, perhaps you have overcome some obstacles, maybe you wrote a love poem, you might have a favourite (credited) quote you want to share and talk about a little.
    (Please note that if it’s too poorly written, I won’t post it, so please run it by a friend first if you know your writing sometimes contains errors).
  • Links: I will happily include a link to something, but DON’T just send me a link. If you are linking to something, I want to hear what you are linking to and why it’s meaningful to you.
  • Anonymity: You are most welcome to post anonymously.
  • Verboten: I’m going to give a lot of leeway here, but I really want the things I post to be positive, both for you and for readers. My up-front rules (subject to change): No arsehole shots and no nastiness or hate.

I am probably going to post some of the amazing photos from my ‘Beauty of submissive men’ video as part of this project, because who wouldn’t want to see more of those gorgeous men?!

If you’d like to submit something, go here to my tumblr’s submission page.

If I get enough submissions, I may package them up into some other form to show them off because, oh my, submissive men… *smile*


Edited to add: Click here to see the submissions to date.

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    1. I love it, thank you for being the first! The photo is great, and the description is wonderful.

      I realised that your nick/tumblr link didn’t come up when I posted it (I thought it would just show up). I’m new to tumblr, but it seems like a no-brainer that it should add the source if it’s not an anonymous submission.

      Please let me know if you want your nick on it, and I will add it.


      1. You can add a link if you want, otherwise all good!

        At the bottom on the original notes it says who submitted it as it is :D

        Also, huzzah for being the first! I’m never the first at anything, I’m normally getting into something just as it’s no longer hip… It’s not hip to say hip is it?

        Damnit, the streak continues!

    2. Hmmm, I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work (tumblr newbie!): as you said, it shows you as the source in the notes (“thehalfheard submitted this to domme-chronicles”), but I’d have thought it should show it somewhere in the post itself also (in the caption automatically, a click through on the photo… something).

      I’ve added a reference into the caption now, and asked the theme developer if it should show. Maybe this is just how tumblr works?


      1. I’d have replied to the hip replies… but couldn’t for some reason…

        As the Huey Lewis and the News song goes….. It’s hip to be square :P

    1. Thanks so much Naga, I got it!

      I’ll take a look at the FF problem, thanks for letting me know (perhaps I should not have started this until I’d been tumbling for more than a week or so, and had time to figure out how the fucker works… heh).


        1. I found the problem and did a quick sort-of fix (ie the button is now half-visible and usable).

          I need to look at the code to fix it properly.


  1. I was too late in discovering you to join your last project, but I’ll try to prepare a submission for this. The tricky part will be getting a photo appropriate for it.

  2. Hello,

    I love your website! I just discovered it. I was bummed that I missed the submissive project. Is this still going on? I would like to try this for a away to let go of some shyness I have at times, show my submission, the photographic challenge and for the fun of it.

    Thank you for sharing all your writing with us!

    1. Hello T, thanks so much for your lovely note.

      In truth, I dropped the ball on this one (I didn’t quite have the energy to promote it and harass/encourage people to participate), so I’m not really doing anything with it.

      But if you want to share a photo submission to combat your shyness, I’d be happy to share it on tumblr regardless *smile*.


  3. Thank you! I Apreciate the kindness. I suppose I will wait and see if another project comes up. I do not want to be the lone Wolff. Thanks again for sharing your writings and thoughts.

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