I learned the word ‘twitterpated’ recently.

I thought it had something to do with Twitter.

It doesn’t.

twit·ter·pat·ed [twit-er-pey-tid]
adjective Informal.
excited or overcome by romantic feelings; smitten.

1942; first used in the movie Bambi; twitter + -pated

Though it should have to do with Twitter.

Because of cuteness like this:




Want to see more awesome comics by this guy? Go to Submissive Guy Comics. The author is a submissive man who creates wonderfully funny and sweet D/s comics.

Are you on Twitter yet? Come and follow me so I can get all twitterpated over you!

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  1. hmmm well you would think that twitterpated was a combination of masturbation and twitter wouldn’t you…or is that just my sick Proverted mind? hahaha


  2. I’m shocked that you’ve just now learned Twitterpated, and shocked and disappointed to find out that you won’t be getting a velour tracksuit.

    On, the other hand, testing out your tripod means more pictures of Ferns, so my outrage is somewhat lessened.

    1. I’m shocked also!

      Though your use of a capital implies that even if you knew the term already, YOU THOUGHT IT HAD TO DO WITH TWITTER ALSO!! *squints suspiciously*

      I will neither confirm nor deny my purchase of a tripod vs a sequinned velour tracksuit. Perhaps a perfectly framed photo of me IN sequinned velour tracksuit will be forthcoming at some stage…


  3. I didn’t know that twitterpated was such an old word. Being somewhat old myself now, I probably should have known that. I guess I’m not *THAT* old yet! (thank God)

    I even remember seeing Bambi as a kid, but I guess I was too unnerved when his mother died to remember the rest. (I hope that wasn’t a spoiler)

  4. PS SGC (buggered if I’m writing that out in full… deal with it!) ( Yeah I know it would have been easier to just write it out piss off)

    Your comics are awesomesauceiness ( see what I did there ;) )


  5. I had missed this one! I love how you always link back for those of us who are occasionally distracted by life. This guy is adorable… oh yes, his illustrations also.

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