Interviewed by NYT best selling author!

New York Times best selling author Megan Hart contacted me recently because she loved my book (BECAUSE SHE LOVED MY BOOK!!) *faints*.

I loved the book, which tapped into a lot of what I like to explore in my own writing — the themes of female dominance that is not tied to leather or vinyl catsuits and whips or sex dungeons (not that those can’t be fun!)… real portrayals of what it’s like for lovers in this dynamic.
–Megan Hart

So exciting!

So of course when Megan asked if I’d be interested in doing an interview with her, I said ‘Oh hell yes!’ so fast I nearly got whiplash.

So here it is:

Interview: Sharyn Ferns, The Domme Chronicles

Megan has a hugely impressive catalogue of books to her name, quite a few of which have femdom themes, including an as-yet-unreleased novel called Vanilla which will be out in February.


In the tradition of self-pimpery, if you want to pick up my book of hot femdom play here are the links:

Original book: Domme Chronicles: Erotic tales of love, passion, & domination, full collection, all volumes available here.


And for those who just want a taste:
Volume 1 is just 99c until December 15th here
Volume 2 here
Volume 3 here

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