He’s just not that into you


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You know what I liked about that movie? It gave us a short, easy phrase to explain this oh-so-simple concept.

And it really *is* simple.

Let me preface this with ‘in my experience’…

Men who are interested in you will move heaven and earth to be with you. They will.

They will be thinking about you as they go about their day, they will make you a priority, they will consider your feelings, they will work to make you happy, they will be clear if they are unavoidably busy for a while, even then they will still make time to be sweet to you because they miss you, they will pay attention to your moods and react accordingly, you will be top-of-mind for them.

Place a submissive mindset over the top and it amplifies *all of that*.

You can twist it any way you want and the closest second option if you are confused about his interest is “He’s not into you in a way that works for you”. The end result is the same.

There’s no such thing as ‘not enough time’, there are only priorities. And while life happens and you can’t *always* be the first priority, if you are NEVER the first priority, then yeah, have a think about that.

In short: If he really wants you, you will know it.

This PSA brought to you by the question, “He’s really great/nice/wonderful/sweet and he says he likes me, but he never has time for me/never initiates contact/disappears without a word/missed a date because he fell asleep/does some other things that make me question his interest, what should I do?”


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