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I can’t remember the last time I went on a normal ‘date’.

You know what I mean: A ‘hey let’s go out and see if there’s anything here’ kind of date, all casual-like and low risk.

My last two dates have been ‘hey, let’s spend lots of money, organise some international flights, find some accommodation, travel for 20+ hours, spend several weeks together and see if there’s anything here’ kind of dates.

No pressure, right?

So I have a date of the first type this week (I know! Call the news channels!!).

Since I’ve gone from 100% success rate (and by ‘success’, I mean ‘meet => relationship… huzzah!’) down to zero, I’ve decided that what I’ve been doing is no longer working so I’m trying something different.

And by ‘different’ I mean I’ve agreed to meet a submissive man off the internet after a short period of correspondence without doing any of the up-front work to determine compatibility.

I don’t normally do it that way because frankly, I HATE meeting people. Hate it. I’m a pretty serious introvert: it’s not fun for me to randomly socialise and make nice with strangers, so meeting up with random men just in case we click is like a form of horrible torture for me. I will only meet someone if I really and truly believe there is a lot of potential there. The dangling carrot of ‘happy ever after’ is what normally drags me kicking and screaming out to meet someone (yes, Lovely Switch, you were an exception…).

This time I’m biting the bullet and getting out there to make nice with a perfectly lovely submissive man with whom I have established absolutely no basis for compatibility, just to see how we get on.

I think it’s a failing strategy, but I’m doing it anyway to shake up my assumptions, because you never know! I mean, the worst case is an uncomfortable date full of dull small talk and awkward silences.

As for the lucky boy, he messaged me on collarme after I baited him by viewing his profile when it popped up on my home page (in case you aren’t aware, you can set up criteria in CM to control which profiles turn up on your home page). He had a rather fetching vanilla photo and an inoffensive description in his profile. His first email was chatty-friendly and showed that he had actually read my profile and clicked through to my blog to take a look around before contacting me. So yay!

I’ve been referring to him as ‘the 6’5 cutie’ on Twitter because… well, he’s 6’5 and really rather good looking. He’s about 10 years younger than me, local-ish (that is, he doesn’t live locally, but he’s in my area monthly), self-employed, bouncy-enthusiastic, and really rather sweet. He is not a newbie, but I think his previous D/s relationships were so very different from what I want that he may as well be.

Our date is lunch on Thursday, I haven’t chosen the place yet. He has taken to sweetly signing off all of his correspondence with some version of how much he is looking forward meeting me. I love both optimism and enthusiasm, so that’s lovely.

Oh, and I have told him not to read my blog, so he has only really had a quick look since he wasn’t reading it before we started corresponding. I think my blog is cock blocking me (more on that later), so I’m wanting to take it out of the equation.

Wish me luck! And yes, of course I’ll report back

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